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It’s time to optimise medicines optimisation

Working much more collaboratively, with a full range of partners, could improve the use of medicines in the NHS – so saving money and improving care

There is an irony within the term “medicines optimisation” because the work it describes is, in many ways, not currently optimised.

The process itself is a valuable one. Ensuring the right patient, gets the right medicine, at the right dose and time for the right indication, is good value and is important for the patient and the system. Medicines optimisation offers opportunities to improve patient care, addressing complex issues such as non-compliance with medicines and avoidable polypharmacy. In so doing, it can drive much-needed savings across the system.

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Aspire Pharma funded a series of round-table meetings, facilitated by Wilmington who set about inviting 13 NHS leaders from a wide-range of disciplines to come together for two round tables, which has led to the creation of the White Paper.

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